Sunday, April 29, 2012

Homemade Cat litter/room/carpet Deodorizer

Let's face it...LIFE STINKS!!
that having been said...the litter box is STINKY!!!  I spent $5 on the citrus baking soda litter box deodorizer and it worked great....but they don't make it in any other scent!! So I bought several boxes of cheap, generic baking soda and several small bottles of different scented essential oils....Guess what??? I can get the same amount for less than $2 and depending on my mood use a different scent :()

1 clean, dry mason jar or even an old coo whip tub will do
1 box baking soda
10-15 drops of essential oil
1 nail
1 hammer
 a small board/piece of 2x4 works great
1 large darning needle

 1) Put the lid of jar or tub on the piece of wood and use the nail and hammer to poke holes into lid for sprinkling

  Pour in the baking soda and add oil...just a few drops at a time til you get the desired strength of scent that you prefer. Put the lid on and shake...then open, sniff, add more oil if needed....

  For the carpet just sprinkle this on a few minutes prior to vacuuming....keeps the whole room smelling clean and keeps you happy :)

  OR....when putting the lid on the mason jar leave the insert out and using the fabric, cut out a circle but allow at least 1-2" larger than the lid of your jar or container, poke holes in it with a large darning needle, then put the outer ring of the jar over it and screw it on...or use a length of ribbon to tie on your fabric top...set in the room to freshen :)

Around the holidays I like to use clove oil :)


Coffee in...check, dressed...pj's count right?...check.......let the fun begin ;}~
After being so rudely awakened yesterday the neighbors stayed gone all day...I had a very peaceful day of rest until....**enter ominous sounding music here**
Last night I hear their loud-as-hell-exhaust-needs-fixed-car pull in....immediately the 2 lil Midget Screeching Banshee Brats(MSBBs) jump out and start running around their yard(hee-hee)--mind you, it is well after 9pm--Screeching Banshee Bitch--SBB jumps out to car-screeching and cussing at them and at hubs to get them in the house....hubs chases them around the yard and finally herds the lil MSBBs into the house-door slams.....all is quiet for oh maybe 15 minutes....door burst open SBB throws lil MSBBs shoes outside, screeching about dog door.....door bursts open again, SBB tosses out hub's shoes, screeching at him a stream of profanity the likes of which a trucker or sailor would.....door slams...10 minutes later??? Hubs is outside with the toilet bowl scrubber, a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner and is scrubbing all 3 pairs of shoes off with the garden hose......MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
**side note**
HA HA.....I was feeling super SNARKY after they left yesterday, **enter ominous sounding music here**.....My awesome, yet oddly cat, Satan, has some REALLY nasty smelling it is under their porch steps...come on mother nature crank up the heat :)
NEVER PISS OFF THE CRANKY, SICK it's the QUIET  ones like me that their Momma's should have warned them about :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

GGRRRR....Why are the noisy neighbors up and yelling at 7 am on a Saturday?

First off...thing # 4 gave me her sinus infection, plus I have ear I have not been sleeping well at all for the past 3 nights!!
My ultra-annoying neighbors(you will be reading a lot about them) decide to drag their BRATS, yes I called them brats, out into their driveway at 7 am screaming at the to get into the F**KING car!! IT'S SATURDAY MORNING!! Where could they need to go so early that they have to yell like that?
The kids are screaming, the parents are screaming, doors are slamming....but wait...brat # 1 gets out of car so mom jumps out, yelling ensues followed by more slamming doors....this went on for over 20 minutes...
Why didn't I yell out my window at them to shut the Hell up??? I have no voice they leave and I can't fall back asleep.....time to scoop the litter box.....and throw it all over their yard....I hope the mini screamers step in it and then walk thru their house :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

My 1st blog- YIKES

     So I've decided to blog about my chaotic life as a single mom of 2 adult children and 2 younger children, 2 crazed cats and the hilarity of it all....
So let's begin with the introductions....

Thing # 1 -- He is 21, lives at home, between his job & friends we see him several times a week.
Thing # 2 -- She is 20, a young mom of 2 adorable boys...yes I am a MeMaw...although they don't live      in my home, I do get to see them several times a week.
Thing # 3 -- He is 12, in 6th grade, he lives with Aspergers/severe ADHD/SPD. His room is where all scary  things reside in our home :)
Thing # 4  -- She is 10, in 4th grade, loves all that is glittery, princesses, pixies, fairy dust and all. She is also on the spectrum...mentally she is a 4-5 yr old in a 10 yr old body, she is very verbal, lower functioning ASD/SPD/Severe ADHD/ etc....
Mom -- 40+ I live with severe ADHD & Tourette' gets very interesting around here.....

THE CATS......aka....feline pinky and the brain wanna-bes

Satan- our 2 yr old all black male....Not the brightest bulb in the box--He has slid into 1 too many walls and doors..he is a trip to watch...but maybe I should buy him a helmet??
Whiskers- our 2 yr old black and white male-He seems to be the smart one....always messing with poor Satan :)

This is My Chaotic family... join us as I write about the crazy mishaps, IEP Battles, doctors, therapists, exes and bears...oh