Friday, April 27, 2012

My 1st blog- YIKES

     So I've decided to blog about my chaotic life as a single mom of 2 adult children and 2 younger children, 2 crazed cats and the hilarity of it all....
So let's begin with the introductions....

Thing # 1 -- He is 21, lives at home, between his job & friends we see him several times a week.
Thing # 2 -- She is 20, a young mom of 2 adorable boys...yes I am a MeMaw...although they don't live      in my home, I do get to see them several times a week.
Thing # 3 -- He is 12, in 6th grade, he lives with Aspergers/severe ADHD/SPD. His room is where all scary  things reside in our home :)
Thing # 4  -- She is 10, in 4th grade, loves all that is glittery, princesses, pixies, fairy dust and all. She is also on the spectrum...mentally she is a 4-5 yr old in a 10 yr old body, she is very verbal, lower functioning ASD/SPD/Severe ADHD/ etc....
Mom -- 40+ I live with severe ADHD & Tourette' gets very interesting around here.....

THE CATS......aka....feline pinky and the brain wanna-bes

Satan- our 2 yr old all black male....Not the brightest bulb in the box--He has slid into 1 too many walls and doors..he is a trip to watch...but maybe I should buy him a helmet??
Whiskers- our 2 yr old black and white male-He seems to be the smart one....always messing with poor Satan :)

This is My Chaotic family... join us as I write about the crazy mishaps, IEP Battles, doctors, therapists, exes and bears...oh

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