Sunday, April 29, 2012


Coffee in...check, dressed...pj's count right?...check.......let the fun begin ;}~
After being so rudely awakened yesterday the neighbors stayed gone all day...I had a very peaceful day of rest until....**enter ominous sounding music here**
Last night I hear their loud-as-hell-exhaust-needs-fixed-car pull in....immediately the 2 lil Midget Screeching Banshee Brats(MSBBs) jump out and start running around their yard(hee-hee)--mind you, it is well after 9pm--Screeching Banshee Bitch--SBB jumps out to car-screeching and cussing at them and at hubs to get them in the house....hubs chases them around the yard and finally herds the lil MSBBs into the house-door slams.....all is quiet for oh maybe 15 minutes....door burst open SBB throws lil MSBBs shoes outside, screeching about dog door.....door bursts open again, SBB tosses out hub's shoes, screeching at him a stream of profanity the likes of which a trucker or sailor would.....door slams...10 minutes later??? Hubs is outside with the toilet bowl scrubber, a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner and is scrubbing all 3 pairs of shoes off with the garden hose......MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
**side note**
HA HA.....I was feeling super SNARKY after they left yesterday, **enter ominous sounding music here**.....My awesome, yet oddly cat, Satan, has some REALLY nasty smelling it is under their porch steps...come on mother nature crank up the heat :)
NEVER PISS OFF THE CRANKY, SICK it's the QUIET  ones like me that their Momma's should have warned them about :)


  1. we used to have a neighbor that would fling their dogs shit into our yard. So, I would always return it to them. She didn't like that much.

  2. LOL...that is too funny...unfortunately, SBB allows her SMBs to run wild and through my yard too...then they have the drunks from down the road over to drink, get loud, and sit outside our windows until the wee hours of the mornings during nice weather. They bring the SMBs and that's when I have to either lock my door or be ready to stop their 5 yr old from walking right into my house...Hmmm...I should write a blog about this problem and ask readers how they would handle for a new post by tomorrow night :)