Wednesday, May 30, 2012

REDRUM ,RAGING VENT--TO ASSUME is to make and ASS of U not ME!!

We have all heard these ignorant comments an many much more insulting and vulgar ones on this subject right??

1)  Wow, pregnant again, congratulations to me, YAY for all of us tax payers, yet another dependent to feed.
2)  It's OK, you just sit there on your lazy ass getting food stamps, free medical care, and other assistance programs...While us honest, hard working people bust our asses just to barely scrape by.
 3) "After the law is passed that these people get drug tested to get food stamps then hardly anyone will be clean enough to get them...I can't wait to see those people be forced to work and stop stealing my money for their drugs and baby mama drama shit"

 ******A fiend had shared this 50something 2-FACED, CRUEL CUNT'S DOUBLE STANDARD comments with me. Yes I wrote CUNT-*I call em as I see em.*****
 (I felt my blood literally BOILING as I listened in stunned at the level of "Mean Girl", hateful and abusive behavior/treatment of a 30something Mom whose 9 yr old child witnessed this entire exchange) 

The SCENE: mom & child at checkout counter-cart loaded with groceries for 2 weeks to feed a single mom's 3 kids and herself(dad was killed by drunk driver 3 months earlier) only approx. 1/3rd was the usual-meats, milk, cereal, side fixings & the remaining 2/3rds of the loaded cart was fresh fruits, veggies, leafy greens all the good stuff :) Then the nice but smelly 50something woman behind her in line asks:

4) "Do your children actually eat these fresh fruits and veggies or do you have to force them?"  they love them, no force. to 9 yr old Tasha.."Your mommy is a smart shopper. She picked so many yummy, healthy fruits and veggies for you, @ mom " too many people don't teach their children to make healthy choices then we have to foot the bill for the fat little brats' medical care, it makes me so angry" That's when the  "nice woman" transformed into the hateful CUNT- she saw the mom's food stamp card saying "Oh I see... you're a welfare mom, You're welcome by the way, You know what? I take it as a slap in my face that you people eat better than me. you should try to spend my tax dollars a little more frugally. Canned veggies and fruits are cheaper than all of that" friend started crying she was humiliated but the BITCH wasn't done yet...she spotted the one box of HoHos and said  "Don't they prohibit you people from buying junk food on food stamps?...hmmmph, white trash with a black half kid" (WTF??????)that woman was very loud thru out this whole ordeal and thankfully another customer piped in "Carol, You know damned well you have never worked a day in your life! and your great grand daddy was black so shut up! Leave her alone...If anyone here is a lazy beggar it is you, and a few of us have wanted to tell you of for a long time you are not welcome at our poker night from here on in...and  another was you sitting on your fat ass acting like the queen spending every penny Harold worked for to keep up with the Joneses your debt and you killed Harold he worked himself into the grave trying to pay off the mountains of debt you made." the cunt "CAROL" left her cart there and left the store but not before little 9yr old "T" kicked her in the shin calling her a bad mean bully...LMAO...I love that lil girl :)
 A friend had recently posted that she is so sick of other people talking shit and making nasty comments about anyone who receives food stamps, medicaid, subsidized housing, government assistance.

It is sad that there are frauds that do milk the system and become career welfare families, but THEY ARE NOT A FAIR REPRESENTATION OF THE TYPICAL FAMILY TODAY THAT IS ON ASSISTANCE!!

 then on a page that this issue was brought up on --I SNAPPED-blood boiling, REDRUM RAGE...the outright hatred and vicious way these "Ladies" had gone on the attack of a single mom of 3 whose youngest requires  lot of medical care was the last straw....

WARNING** ADULT LANGUAGE, RAGE, VENT** not read any further until you set down your drink, finish chewing and swallow that am too far away to effectively perform the Heimlich thingy...ENJOY :) This is my back broken by that last straw- rant:

**YES, I am on assistance, I am not ashamed to say I need help, I work part-time and as of June 11th will be going to College part-time too. I single parent a 12 yr old son w/Aspergers/ADHD, & a 10 yr old lower functioning autistic daughter with over a dozen other related and non related disorders on top of the ASD, she is mentally a 4-5 yr old in
 a soon to be 11 yr old already hormonal puberty stricken body, she is my mini me...I do all this while living with my own disabilities--severe ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome with Coprolalia...this coprolalia causes me to swear
involuntarily the tourettes cause painful muscle spasms tics noises etc...So to all you HOLIER THAN THOU, I PAY FOR YOUR FOOD BS....I DO MORE IN THE 1st hr I am awake than Your lazy ass does all week!! Hell what I do in 1 week would take you months!! SO TO ALL YOU BUTTHURT WAHH WAHH MY TAXES, BLAH ,BLAH, BLAH, SUCK ON THIS!! You Skanky~Skunk~Assed,~Stankin',
AWWW HELL TO THE NO, FrumUnda Cheese-Encrusted, Blue~Twat-waffles that ain't yet been schooled in the fine art of shutting their Ass-Tarded, Ignorant Shit~Holes, yes the gaping sewer hole you are spewing your ignorance for all to see from...and since they have not yet learned how to control their over-inflated egos or how not to step in a huge, freshly Shat, still
steaming pile of cow shit, but are still too lazy to clean them nasty shit
covered hooves off before stuffing them into the Cavernous Cum Guzzling, Shit~Holes spewing that ignorant shit 'bout us BITCHES on assistance outta them asses or faces?? I ain't yet figured out if those Shit~Holes on them nasty
pimply covered things that are either their faces or their asses...whatever....I welcome anyone to dare to say that shit to my face...I may be small but I will take a bitch down and I will walk away intact...when the dust clears??....crap...I'ma gonna need a hundred or 2 lbs of cat litter to clean up what is left of that one...NEXT????

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